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a hole in one every golfers dream

Making A Hole-In One Is Hard. Really Hard

Hitting a tee shot and finding the bottom of the cup with your first swing is an accomplishment all golfers aspire to.  While a hole-in-one is not a common occurrence, particularly for amateur players who typically do not have the pinpoint accuracy pros do, it is not an impossible goal, with hundreds made every day.

A Hole-In One Is A Rare Feature That Most Golfers Will Likely Never Achieve In Their Lifetime
With the odds of making a hole-in-one so astronomically high, it is not surprising that many players do a great deal of celebrating.  The ball is usually not played for the rest of the round. At Baylands Golf Links a picture of the player is taken and posted on the courses Hall Of Fame page on the website.

Requirements For A Hole-In One

Remember the first thing required for a hole-in-one to take place is that the hole needs to be reachable within one shot. This essentially eliminates par-4s and par-5s from the equation. Baylands Golf Links has 5 par 3’s giving you a chance to become part of the hole-in-one hall of fame.

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