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Pace of Play Policy


OB Sports and Baylands Golf Links has introduced a plan to ensure that every golfer has an enjoyable golf experience while playing in a reasonable amount of time. Pace-of-play continues to be one of the top complaints among golfers everywhere and we can all play a part in playing faster.
Pacesetter Times
If the first few foursomes of the day are slow, the entire day of golfers will also experience a slow round, which is unacceptable. Therefore, we have designated the first one hour of tee times each day to be “Pacesetter” times. Those playing in Pacesetter times are expected to play in less than 4 hours, setting the example for the day. If you are unable to play under 4 hours, we suggest that you choose a later time of day to play.
Time Par
Baylands has established a “Time Par” of 4 hours and 20 minutes as a reasonable amount of time to complete an 18-hole round (2:10 for nine holes). All golfers should be able to accomplish this if you follow these tips:
1. Chose a set of tees commensurate with your ability not your ego.
Recommended Tees:
Black - 0-5 handicap
Blue - 6-14 handicap
White - 15-25 handicap
Green - 26+ handicap
2. Play ready golf, don’t worry about honors. When you are at your ball and ready to play, do so. Don’t worry about who in your foursome is away or has honors. Take no more than 40 seconds to hit each shot.

3. Stroke Limit. For a casual round of golf, pick up and move to the next hole once you have reached double par (i.e. 6 strokes on a par 3).

4. Be Cart Smart. Drop your partner off and drive to your ball. Take the club you think you’ll need plus one more and one less. Park behind the green which is on the way to the next hole.

5. Limit your search for lost balls. USGA Rules allow NO MORE THAN 3 minutes to look for a lost ball. If ball is lost, use USGA Local Rule E-5 and drop on edge of fairway adjacent to where you think the ball ended up, two-stroke penalty.

6. Keep moving. Despite the saying, golf should NOT be a leisurely walk in the park. Proceed quickly to your ball and be ready to play. While others are putting, prepare for your putt. Move quickly to the next tee.

7. Keep pace with the group ahead of you. Know your position in relationship with the group ahead of you and stay within one shot of them.
        Time Allotted per Hole
Hole # Par Time
1 5 :16
2 4 :14
3 5 :16
4 3 :12
5 4 :14
6 4 :14
7 4 :14
8 3 :12
9 5 :16
OUT 37 2:08
Turn Break   :08
10 4 :14
11 4 :14
12 3 :12
13 5 :16
14 4 :14
15 3 :12
16 4 :14
17 3 :12
18 5 :16
IN 35 2:04
TOTAL 72 4:20